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Don't know if you're ready yet? Email us to come try a class at no charge!


If you have any questions contact Ryan Howell at


20.00 Open Fencing (per person)
One day of electric fencing w/ provided equipment. This is great for recreational fencers!

120.00 Mothly Registration (4 weeks)

-Can attend any or all group classes.

-Open electric fencing

-Guidance from one of our advanced instructors

-All necessary equipment is provided at no charge!

80.00 Student Discount Monthly Registration - For SOHFA and enrolled college students

Includes all contents of Basic Session Package




Who Fences at Salle du Lion?
One of the great things  about fencing is the variety of people involved in the sport.  At Salle Du Lion there are both male and female fencers who range  in age from 6 through 60+  It is a sport that can be pursued at any age and any level.  All ages and abilities fence with  each other in the club.


Getting Started
Salle Du Lion offers training in foil, saber and epee.  The foil fencer targets  his opponent’s torso only.  The foil movements are quick and subtle. The saber fencer targets the waist up including the head  and arms and includes more movement. Beginners have the option to try both before settling into a regular class.  Epee is taught  as an advanced class only.


A typical class will begin with stretching and basic warm up exercises to promote flexibility  and prevent injuries.  There may be a group lesson following that where basic skills are taught and reinforced.  Occaisional  one-on-one teaching sessions with the club’s  coaches may be given.  At the end of most sessions there are opportunities  to fence with other people in the group.  This may just be “dry” or include suiting up electrically for point scoring.   Classes typically last an hour to an hour and a half.


Beginning fencers will need the following equipment: a helmet,  glove, jacket and a practice foil or saber.  These can be borrowed from Salle du Lion for a fee in the beginning.  As a  fencer progresses and has made a commitment to the sport they should expect to buy their own equipment.  For competitions  they will need 2 electric foils or sabers, 2 body cords, an underarm protector, lame, and knickers.  These can be purchased through  the club or through various fencing websites.


Equipment rental
For growing kids and beginners, Salle Du Lion offers an equipment  rental opportunity.  For $160 the club will loan you a helmet, glove and jacket.  As kids grow they may trade up in size  depending on availability of equipment at Salle Du Lion.  There is also the opportunity to sell your equipment to others if you  decide to purchase your own equipment.