The move to West Chester is being delayed due to leasing negotiations. Please note we will keep operations going at the location in Sharonville until the move is final. Thanks!

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May. 9 - Open Fencing for SOHFA students is on Fridays from 4:30-6:00, come out and get some good practice in!

Apr. 9 - SOHFA open fencing on April 17th will be held at our current location on Creek Rd., please spread the word. In other news, Summer Camp details are in! The camp will take place from June 8-12 and will be $250.00 for signup.

*Signup forms will be posted on the website soon for online payment, if you want to pay cash please bring payment to Lloyd or Ryan and they will give you a form to fill out. CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE TO LLOYD HOWELL*

Mar. 30 - SOHFA tournament and league results are in! Check them out here!

Mar. 19 - Get your SOHFA tournament schedule and standings in the SOHFA section (Located at the top of the page)