Lloyd Howell

         Lloyd Howell is the Founder and CEO of Salle du Lion Fencing Center. He has been teaching fencing for over 20 years and is responsible for numerous amounts of students ranking nationally in the sport of fencing as well as continuing into collegiate schools around the country. Lloyd focuses his teachings on gaining courage, obtaining honor, and establishing pride in oneself through the sport of fencing that will carry on through ones life. His constant engagment in the club makes you feel like you are right at home while you make connections and friendships leading to you gaining a second family. Lloyd has dedicated his life to making this a place where students, parents, and fencers can feel right at home while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Ryan Howell

     Ryan Howell is the lead foil instructor and Club Operations Manager at Salle du Lion. Ryan has over 18 years of fencing experience along with over 7 years of coaching experience. Ryan won state championships in fencing 4 years in a row for foil along with a 2nd place finish in saber during his high school years. When Ryan was 10 years old he finished 2nd and 3rd at national events in his age group and then continued to finish in the top 8 nationally for the rest of his competitive career. Thanks to his father Lloyd and Ryan's dedication to the sport, Ryan brought great pride to Salle du Lion by holding a high ranking of 13th in the entire country in Division 1 Mens Foil. Ryan now spends his time and love for the sport by coaching fencing at the club as well as numerous K-12 schools in the tri-state. Ryan has had several students finish in the top 32 in the country and continue onto collegiate fencing teams. You will instantly recognize Ryan's love and passion for the sport of fencing and your success in it!

Duane Orlemann

    Duane Orlemann is the lead saber instructor at Salle du Lion. Duane helped start Salle du Lion with Lloyd and has an unparalleled breath of knowledge of the sport. His intensity will help you grow out of your comfort zone and gain courage when taking on difficult opponents. Duane's loyalty to the club is one that will not go unnoticed. His work with beginners is so important because it prevents bad habits at more advanced levels that otherwise could not be unlearned. Duane has an enormous amount of patience as well as pushing you passed you limits. He is a huge addition to the Salle du Lion team and the Club would not be as strong without him.